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What is BDSM? Probably there are as many answers how many people love this kind of art. I can tell you about your case and the cases of people with whom he met. But I would like to start with other people. You have no idea how other people understand the issue of BDSM. Namely, most of the people interested in this subject is treated BDSM as a way to free sex. I think too much was not surprised. Overall, BDSM is a way to quickly and easily achieve the goal. Sometimes I meet with the statements of people who understand domination in such a way that a woman has the wash, clean and give the ass whenever they want, and if you do not agree that awaits her punishment. This is the case of pseudo-master who does not even know how to punish the totality subordinate.

I do not deny that it has in different masters at different levels serves as serving as a slave at the end of their degree, however, this does not always fall on any use of it. Of course, everything also depends on the system, as couples who meet from time to time on the BDSM approach to this so that it actually has a role full serving. Couples who live together on a daily basis to come up a little differently, because a woman can do to each other every day slave. Of course it is nice when he was playing at the time care that you do not miss anything, but after a while that it could get boring.

Often people forget that BDSM is not only the taking. Must be able to dominate, and it is not easy to play. Sometimes it is so that we can quietly lie down and look at a woman who is waiting for orders. But first you need to learn which requires a bit of “training”. Well, of course you should remember that the submissive does not do it for free. We must remember that we require something in return. We have to prevail over them, put them to the task and saw that all were made. Submissive also need to have the pleasure of a well-performed tasks.

Of course, sometimes it was nice to if women underwent just like that, but it’s probably not possible. Mater you’re born, and then to work for a long time to develop himself and has been in this role. This does not mean that the master must be a snake defects. Sometimes everyone has a bad day. Therefore, the couple must be supported and be each other’s support.

Good luck to all those who already sit in this for some time and those who are just starting their adventure.